DIY Commune Kit

Response to The Brooklyn Commune Project was so great that we’re building a DIY Commune Kit. Hopefully we’ll get funding to fully develop this and build some cool shareable tools. But in the meantime, here are some of our resources and inspirations to help you get started wherever you are! For more readings and documents, check out the shared files in our Facebook group.


“The View From Here” – the full report of the BKCP

The Brooklyn Commune Project Report (Abridged)

The Brooklyn Commune Project Report (Abridged)

BKCP Artist Action Flyer

BKCP Artist Action Flyer

The Baumol and Bowen Haggadah

The Baumol and Bowen Haggadah


A Long Table Etiquette Guide


User’s Guide to Open Space Technology from Harrison Owen


Headlong’s “This Town Is A Mystery DIY Handbook” for making performances.


Sekou Sundiata’s “The America Project Teaching Method”




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