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LISTEN to Andrew Simonet (Artists U, Headlong Dance Theater) speak about living sanely and sustainably as an artist. He shares insights on creativity, finances and creating a sane, sustainable, life as an artist based on his 20+ year career as a performance maker and artist educator. (Given at The Brooklyn Commune General Meeting on September 22, 2013. )

Writer, artist and thinker Amy Whitaker (amywhitaker.org/), who has an MBA from Yale and an MFA in painting from the Slade, gives a presentation called “The Letter and the Envelope: Designing a Business Structure as a Creative Practice”. She talks about the relationship between artistic creativity and art practice, imagination and innovative business design.

Professor Randy Martin gives a presentation on the financialization of American life and artistic citizenship to launch the Brooklyn Commune on March 24, 2013.

At the inaugural convening of The Brooklyn Commune Project at The Invisible Dog, accountant Danielle Hlatky talked to performance artist Cynthia Hopkins about her personal finances.




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