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Tell It Like It Is! We Want Your Feedback

We hope that everyone had a joyful holiday weekend, and we want to thank all of you who were able to attend our Brooklyn Commune Global Congress  from November 22-24.
We had an amazing time and were totally awed by the turnout and the incredible contributions of all who participated. The time you gave to be there, listen to each other, share your own ideas and experiences has inspired us all.  At a time of year so dominated by gratitude and hopeful desire, our mission to create actionable solutions to systemic problems of devalued labor, inequity and mismatched resources in the performing arts seems clearer, and more important, than ever.
Our core coordinating team here at the Brooklyn Commune is working on editing a draft of the white paper that we will present at APAP in January. We were hoping to have something by the Congress but it was just too messy and chaotic to share (almost 100 pages!). But now we have the whole weekend of community input to integrate and we’d like to open it up to everyone one more time so we can have a draft online for everyone to read before Christmas – our gift to you at this winter holiday season!
For now, please use the comments space here to share reflections on the Congress and anything you would like us to consider in the white paper. In the interest of transparency, we can’t guarantee that every comment will make it into the paper verbatim, but we do look forward to reading them all.


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