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From Intern to Elder: The Long Arc of the Artistic Life

Next week’s action-packed schedule kicks off Sunday with “From Intern to Elder: The Long Arc of the Artistic Life” organized by Monica Snellings. Continue reading

Brooklyn Commune Film Club: “The Promise of New York”

We are excited to announce the first convening of the Brooklyn Commune Film Club on November 4th. In honor of the New York City Mayoral Election, to take place the subsequent day, we will be gathering at the West (379 Union Ave, Brooklyn – 7pm) to watch Raul Barcelona’s documentary, “The Promise of New York.” It’s … Continue reading

Talking To Sixto Wagan: A Cultural Democracy in the Performing Arts Interview

Kyoung H. Park talks to Sixto Wagan, the inaugural director for the Center for Arts Leadership at the University of Houston.  Continue reading

Bessie Endures: Tara Sheena Gives Her Thoughts from the New York Dance and Performance Awards

The New York Dance and Performance Awards (affectionately referred to as the “Bessies” after legendary dancer and choreographer Bessie Schoenberg) descend on to the city every fall to honor dance in NYC and, since 2010 at least, commendably attempts to acknowledge the full gamut of genres. The awards serve to remind us, even for a … Continue reading

Andrew Simonet on Living Sanely & Sustainably as an Artist

Brooklyn Commune General Meeting #4 was amazeballs, featuring this presentation by Andrew Simonet on “Why Artists Are Poor and Why They Shouldn’t Be”. Continue reading

Politics and Aesthetics and Social Movements! (A How-To Guide, Extracted from the Brain of Jacques Rancière)

Jacques Rancière is a political philosopher who is all the rage in art circles right now. His theories are geared to help emancipate the peoples’ imagination about how social change can manifest, and who can enact it. However, his work can sometimes be a little cryptic and not-so-straightforward, and this essay is an attempt to … Continue reading

The Story So Far…

Our story begins, as many stories do, during years of subtle conflict in a big community. After conversations on conversations on conversations, Andy Horwitz, of Culturebot and Risa Shoup, of the Invisible Dog, joined forces to launch The Brooklyn Commune as a grassroots movement to investigate funding, diversity, labor, value and a whole host of central issues … Continue reading

Brooklyn Commune General Meeting 9/22

On September 22, 2013 PRELUDE FESTIVAL and BROOKLYN COMMUNE join will forces for a tour de force afternoon of drinking, mingling & discussion at The Invisible Dog Continue reading

Join us for the Back To School Social Happy Hour – September 9

Join us at the Brooklyn Commune Back to School Social Happy Hour on Monday, September 9 at Lavender Lake! Continue reading


The Brooklyn Commune’s Cultural Democracy and Representation Team, led by Kyoung H. Park, has designed an artist survey to invite artists to share their experiences working in the field in order to open up public discussions regarding diversity and inclusion in the performing arts. Over the course of the next few months, we will highlight … Continue reading

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