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Ends and Beginnings

The Brooklyn Commune Project’s first phase concluded in March, 2014. You can read and/or download the project’s culminating report, “The View From Here”, here. While the first phase of research, organizing and awareness-building has ended, the activities of the Brooklyn Commune as a group continue on Facebook and in ad hoc meetings of members in NYC. … Continue reading

BKCP Performing Arts Fee & Wage Survey

The “Almost Summer” Update

Well, it has been super hectic since we launched the report in January and most of us have been taking a breather.  The FB Group is where most of the action is these days (see the link on the home page), since the core team has been thinking about what’s next. On a practical level, … Continue reading

Help Us Play the MAP Fund Impersonation Game!

If you have submitted a MAP Fund Proposal or participated on a MAP Fund Panel or would just like to pretend that you have, please sign up! Continue reading

Brooklyn Commune Global Congress Event Schedule

Here’s the schedule as it is now. We’ll keep updating as we go & get more info. FRIDAY 11/22 6PM Registration 6:30PM Jordan Officer Music Performance 7PM Welcome & Keynote  & Opening Presentations Announce weekend agenda, introduce census results, distribute working draft of document, introduce team coordinators, structured mingling 10PM Opening Night Party Offsite SATURDAY 11/23 … Continue reading

Brooklyn Commune Global Congress November 22-24, 2013

Don’t miss out! The Brooklyn Commune Global Congress convenes at The Invisible Dog from Friday November 22 to Sunday November 24, 2013 Continue reading

Is “Blue Wizard / Black Wizard” Worth $36?

“Blue Wizard / Black Wizard” has a unique fundraising scheme – pricing tickets “at cost” of $36. You can pay more or wait for an artist ticket. Budget is included. What do you think? Continue reading

From Intern to Elder: The Long Arc of the Artistic Life

Next week’s action-packed schedule kicks off Sunday with “From Intern to Elder: The Long Arc of the Artistic Life” organized by Monica Snellings. Continue reading

Andrew Simonet on Living Sanely & Sustainably as an Artist

Brooklyn Commune General Meeting #4 was amazeballs, featuring this presentation by Andrew Simonet on “Why Artists Are Poor and Why They Shouldn’t Be”. Continue reading

Join us for the Back To School Social Happy Hour – September 9

Join us at the Brooklyn Commune Back to School Social Happy Hour on Monday, September 9 at Lavender Lake! Continue reading

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