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Andy Horwitz is a writer and cultural producer
Andy Horwitz has written 25 posts for The Brooklyn Commune


Imagine we are making a gigantic devised, participatory performance in which the real world is our set and everyone around us are performers and this is the rehearsal process. Continue reading

Noticing the Feedback: A Proposal to the Contemporary Dance Field

Curator and producer Michèle Steinwald makes a modest proposal to the field of contemporary dance. Continue reading

Cool Things To Read

Here’s some more reading material selected from what we posted to the FB group. The NEA publishes all kinds of cool stuff. We found these here. How Art Works (including appendices) How The US Funds The Arts This is a super cool handbook and DIY guide to making performances by Headlong in Philadelphia: This Town … Continue reading

Expand Your Mind, Make Better Art, Be More Happy & Change The World!

Andy shares some short thoughts on big ideas. Continue reading

The Re-Performance Art of John Fleck

John Fleck just Re-Performed himself.   That sounds as if he just gave himself a BJ (which he didn’t, for the record, I swear, stop defunding him already, NEA!) but he did do something thought of as equally impossible and intimate.  He Re-Performed himself. Re-Perform, reimagine, reinterpret, re-enact, appropriate, repurpose, remix, react, mash up, hack, … Continue reading

The Brooklyn Commune Bastille Day ShareBQ

With all this hard work & learning we’ve been doing, we thought it might be nice to have some good old American summer fun with a Brooklyn Commune Bastille Day ShareBQ! Come enjoy some drinking, dancing (maybe), eating and socializing to celebrate summer and meet some friends old & new. This is a very improvisatory, collaboratively created … Continue reading

Amy Whitaker talks about “The Letter and the Envelope”

The second Brooklyn Commune gathering on May 12, 2013 at The Invisible Dog featured a keynote presentation called “The Letter and the Envelope: Designing a Business Structure as a Creative Practice” by Amy Whitaker. Amy spoke eloquently and inspiringly about ways artists can bring their imagination to the ways they think about their work and … Continue reading

How Much Did You Pay For That? Or, Let’s Talk About Money (No, Really)

One true thing is that most people are really uncomfortable talking about money. For various and complicated reasons it is considered really tacky and gross to talk about. When I first sat down with the guy that now does my taxes, Rus Garofalo at Brass Taxes, we had a long talk about how hard it … Continue reading

A Collaborative Writing Project

I was wondering if people would be willing to help to me with a problem? I’m learning that one of my major skill deficiencies (or challenges) is learning how to write concisely. I always get sucked into the complexity and interconnectedness of ideas and feel compelled to try to demonstrate how it all connects and … Continue reading

Andy’s Private Facebook Rants Made Public (or why we started this whole thing)

So recently I posted a status update about how annoyed I was that *every* freaking artist statement I read started with “Artist X, who the New York Times called XXXX” and I was like, fuckin’ A! Enough already! I get it, but enough. Which sparked a whole bunch of cranky rebuttals so I responded with … Continue reading

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