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See The World As It Might Be & Show It To Others

See The World As It Might Be & Show It To Others

So maybe we can put it this way. Maybe we can look at it from the perspective of play & imagination. Imagine “The World As It Exists” is a Classic Text, like the Greeks or Shakespeare or Swan Lake. Then imagine “The World As It Might Be” as a gigantic devised, participatory performance in which the real world is our set and everyone around us are performers. And imagine The Brooklyn Commune is the performance collective creating that ongoing, durational performance over the course of 8 months. And you can be part of the show!!!

So part of the process of making the show is to research & examine what are current conditions & how did they come to be? What assumptions underlying current conditions should we question?

The next part of the process is ASKING QUESTIONS: What needs to change in the ecosystem, in the dialogue and in ourselves? What do we believe, what do we think we believe, what do we say believe but don’t really believe, what do THEY want us to believe according to the Narratives of the Classic Texts & in what ways are we just kidding ourselves?

Then we start to make the performance by assembling possible scenarios & modeling the world as it might be. Some possible exercises for rehearsal include what changes can we propose based on existing knowledge and how would they be implemented/embodied? What is a larger, longer term vision, an idealized desired outcome for this project – a healthy, sustainable, just & equitable arts ecology look like? What would it look like to create a Practical Vision of Paradise Now?

And of course after the work in progress showing we will need to figure out what we couldn’t figure out in the first rehearsal process & then go back into the laboratory.

If you’re just joining us, read this and this and this and watch this:

and listen to this:

Next rehearsal is September 22 at Invisible Dog from 2PM-6PM. Be there and be history.


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Andy Horwitz is a writer and cultural producer



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