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Imagine we are making a gigantic devised, participatory performance in which the real world is our set and everyone around us are performers and this is the rehearsal process. Continue reading

Noticing the Feedback: A Proposal to the Contemporary Dance Field

Curator and producer Michèle Steinwald makes a modest proposal to the field of contemporary dance. Continue reading

Expand Your Mind, Make Better Art, Be More Happy & Change The World!

Andy shares some short thoughts on big ideas. Continue reading

A Collaborative Writing Project

I was wondering if people would be willing to help to me with a problem? I’m learning that one of my major skill deficiencies (or challenges) is learning how to write concisely. I always get sucked into the complexity and interconnectedness of ideas and feel compelled to try to demonstrate how it all connects and … Continue reading

Andy’s Private Facebook Rants Made Public (or why we started this whole thing)

So recently I posted a status update about how annoyed I was that *every* freaking artist statement I read started with “Artist X, who the New York Times called XXXX” and I was like, fuckin’ A! Enough already! I get it, but enough. Which sparked a whole bunch of cranky rebuttals so I responded with … Continue reading

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