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The “Almost Summer” Update

Well, it has been super hectic since we launched the report in January and most of us have been taking a breather.  The FB Group is where most of the action is these days (see the link on the home page), since the core team has been thinking about what’s next.

On a practical level, the Brooklyn Commune Project is over. That was a discrete research project that we set out to and it ended with the publication of the report and the related events in January. The Brooklyn Commune – and the community that continues to grow up around it – is still going. Or at least, it can still be going if you want it to.

It’s time for some new blood around here so if you are interested in picking up where the report left off, join the FB group and keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.

In the meantime, we’ve put together some of our materials and started a DIY Commune Kit, feel free to download those and use them as you see fit. If you start something where you are, let us know and we’ll link back to you.

There’s a lot of energy and change is in the air, we look forward to seeing you there.


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Andy Horwitz is a writer and cultural producer


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