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Ends and Beginnings

The Brooklyn Commune Project’s first phase concluded in March, 2014. You can read and/or download the project’s culminating report, “The View From Here”, here. While the first phase of research, organizing and awareness-building has ended, the activities of the Brooklyn Commune as a group continue on Facebook and in ad hoc meetings of members in NYC. … Continue reading

The “Almost Summer” Update

Well, it has been super hectic since we launched the report in January and most of us have been taking a breather.  The FB Group is where most of the action is these days (see the link on the home page), since the core team has been thinking about what’s next. On a practical level, … Continue reading

Bessie Endures: Tara Sheena Gives Her Thoughts from the New York Dance and Performance Awards

The New York Dance and Performance Awards (affectionately referred to as the “Bessies” after legendary dancer and choreographer Bessie Schoenberg) descend on to the city every fall to honor dance in NYC and, since 2010 at least, commendably attempts to acknowledge the full gamut of genres. The awards serve to remind us, even for a … Continue reading

The Story So Far…

Our story begins, as many stories do, during years of subtle conflict in a big community. After conversations on conversations on conversations, Andy Horwitz, of Culturebot and Risa Shoup, of the Invisible Dog, joined forces to launch The Brooklyn Commune as a grassroots movement to investigate funding, diversity, labor, value and a whole host of central issues … Continue reading

Brooklyn Commune General Meeting 9/22

On September 22, 2013 PRELUDE FESTIVAL and BROOKLYN COMMUNE join will forces for a tour de force afternoon of drinking, mingling & discussion at The Invisible Dog Continue reading

The Re-Performance Art of John Fleck

John Fleck just Re-Performed himself.   That sounds as if he just gave himself a BJ (which he didn’t, for the record, I swear, stop defunding him already, NEA!) but he did do something thought of as equally impossible and intimate.  He Re-Performed himself. Re-Perform, reimagine, reinterpret, re-enact, appropriate, repurpose, remix, react, mash up, hack, … Continue reading

A Collaborative Writing Project

I was wondering if people would be willing to help to me with a problem? I’m learning that one of my major skill deficiencies (or challenges) is learning how to write concisely. I always get sucked into the complexity and interconnectedness of ideas and feel compelled to try to demonstrate how it all connects and … Continue reading

Get Involved! Turn Imagination Into Action!

Last week I attended ELNYA and World Policy Institute‘s “Creative Conversation on The State of the Arts Ecosystem” which was a panel discussion  with: Caron Atlas, Director, Arts & Democracy Project & Co-Director, NOCD-NY Jamie Bennett, Chief of Staff & Director of Public Affairs, NEA Paul Nagle, Executive Director, Cultural Strategies Initiative Edwin Torres, Associate Director of New … Continue reading

Brooklyn Commune Meeting #2 happens May 12, 2013

Please join in the second convening of the Brooklyn Commune* on May 12, 2013 from 2PM – 6PM at The Invisible Dog. For more info check out the event on Facebook. And to keep the conversation going, join the FB group! THIS EVENT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! Don’t miss the keynote presentation by writer, … Continue reading

Building The Agenda: BK Commune #1

I’m pleased to report that the first gathering of The Brooklyn Commune was a great success. We started off with inspiring presentations to a phenomenal audience of thoughtful, passionate, dedicated people. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and dug in deep to build an agenda, converse, argue, debate and imagine together. To stay updated and keep participating … Continue reading

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