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From Intern to Elder: The Long Arc of the Artistic Life

Next week’s action-packed schedule kicks off Sunday with “From Intern to Elder: The Long Arc of the Artistic Life” organized by Monica Snellings. Continue reading

Andrew Simonet on Living Sanely & Sustainably as an Artist

Brooklyn Commune General Meeting #4 was amazeballs, featuring this presentation by Andrew Simonet on “Why Artists Are Poor and Why They Shouldn’t Be”. Continue reading

Amy Whitaker talks about “The Letter and the Envelope”

The second Brooklyn Commune gathering on May 12, 2013 at The Invisible Dog featured a keynote presentation called “The Letter and the Envelope: Designing a Business Structure as a Creative Practice” by Amy Whitaker. Amy spoke eloquently and inspiringly about ways artists can bring their imagination to the ways they think about their work and … Continue reading

How Much Did You Pay For That? Or, Let’s Talk About Money (No, Really)

One true thing is that most people are really uncomfortable talking about money. For various and complicated reasons it is considered really tacky and gross to talk about. When I first sat down with the guy that now does my taxes, Rus Garofalo at Brass Taxes, we had a long talk about how hard it … Continue reading

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