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Bessie Endures: Tara Sheena Gives Her Thoughts from the New York Dance and Performance Awards

The New York Dance and Performance Awards (affectionately referred to as the “Bessies” after legendary dancer and choreographer Bessie Schoenberg) descend on to the city every fall to honor dance in NYC and, since 2010 at least, commendably attempts to acknowledge the full gamut of genres. The awards serve to remind us, even for a … Continue reading


The Re-Performance Art of John Fleck

John Fleck just Re-Performed himself.   That sounds as if he just gave himself a BJ (which he didn’t, for the record, I swear, stop defunding him already, NEA!) but he did do something thought of as equally impossible and intimate.  He Re-Performed himself. Re-Perform, reimagine, reinterpret, re-enact, appropriate, repurpose, remix, react, mash up, hack, … Continue reading

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