2 thoughts on “ARTIST ACTION KIT

  1. Hi. I was referred to your organization by USDAC, based on work I have done in the past towards elevating the role and view of artists. I am however a visual artist- a painter. Do you have anything set up for visual artists other than performance? Or is there a way I can work with you towards that end?
    I actually worked on a manifesto, which started at Obamas request for communities to gather and discuss how things could be bettered. This was a design for artists within the greater community. I shared this with the people at USDAC, (I don’t think that Obamas people even read it- but if they did I think it was too socialistic for them, now that I know them better). Would be glad to be a part of any group that raises the evaluation, and the appreciation of artists.
    Best Joan Roberts
    art name: Joan Roberts Garcia

    Posted by Joan Roberts | May 26, 2014, 12:29 pm

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