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Sunday November 3 @ 2PM
From Intern to Elder: The Long Arc of the Artistic Life
Design for Social Innovation at SVA
136 West 21st St, 5th floor

What are the critical inflection points for artists? How does this mesh with “real life”? How might we as a community help each other—in both creative and practical ways? Join us in a conversation to explore roles elder artists can play with emerging artists and vice a versa. In a cross-generational conversation facilitated by Monica Snellings for the Brooklyn Commune we will examine ways to transfer knowledge, capture history, personal stories and share resources. We’ll use the world cafe conversation format—multiple simultaneous conversations at small tables, rotating in 20-minute sets. We’ll close out the conversations with a harvest—looking for insights and new possibilities.

Monday November 4 @ 7PM
Mayoral Madness Pre-Election Happy Hour
The West 379 Union Ave, Brooklyn

Join us for a freeform happy hour event and screening of Raul Barcelona’s film The Promise of New York, documenting NYC’s 2005 mayoral election featuring Brooklyn Commune’s own Andy Horwitz. Laugh at those innocent pre-crash days of economic health and well being! Witness first hand the corrupting effects of money in politics, then go to the polls on Tuesday hungover and cynical!

Thursday, November 7th @ 6:30
Mapping It Out: Creating a Culture of Abundance with OurGoods
New York Live Arts
219 W 19th St

How do we operate from a place of abundance rather than scarcity? Can we utilize the skills, strengths, and resources that already exist in our communities to bolster and support each other’s work? Could this process of exchange lead to a more vibrant cultural ecology, the realization of each other’s intrinsic and expansive value, and strategies that result in everyone ending up with more than they started with?

Brooklyn Commune is excited to partner with OurGoods and New York Live Arts’ Associate Artist Program to create an opportunity for us to ask and answer these questions together.

Working in small groups, we will each name a challenge we are working on, discover what resources exist within the room to meet that challenge, and then brainstorm additional resources outside the room. As we do so we will visualize all of these resources, creating a map of abundance within our community.

Monday, November 11 7PM
Post-Election Breakdown Happy Hour
Venue TBD

Come to a lament or exalt our new Mayor, DA, Comptroller – the whole Municipal kit and kaboodle! Discuss with your fellow artist and administrators the impact of the previous weeks election on our work and gear up for the next day’s amazing event with University Settlement!

Tuesday November 12 @ 7PM
Creativity, Capital & Community: A Conversation on Gentrification
University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street

It’s no secret that the incredible pace of gentrification has affected artists’ abilities to live and work comfortably in New York City for the past couple of decades. This, in tandem with decreased funding for community-based organization providing essential services to low-income residents, has made valuing the arts and recognizing the needs of artists increasingly challenging for the social sector. In a conversation facilitated by Risa Shoup and Alison Fleminger for the Brooklyn Commune and University Settlement, this discussion concerns issues around gentrification, affordability, and trends in fundraising and philanthropic giving. With a focus on the Lower East Side, the Settlement House model and the unique opportunities it offers to expand conversations between artists, low income communities, administrators, funders, and policy-makers, the event will take its cues off of the broader initiatives of the Brooklyn Commune to activate continued public discourse on the economics of cultural production.

Monday November 18 @7PM
Congress Coordinating Meeting & Happy Hour
Venue TBD

If you’d like to be involved in coordinating and helping out with the Brooklyn Commune Global Congress to be held November 22-24, 2013 at the Invisible Dog come meet new friends & check in with the Brooklyn Commune Coordinating Committee. Find out what’s planned for the upcoming weekend and get in on the action!

Tuesday November 19 @ 7PM
The View from the Stoop: An Examination of Diversity in the Performing Arts
BRIC House Stoop
647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Join BRIC and the Brooklyn Commune for an open conversation among artists and audiences about representation and inclusion of diverse communities on our stages, in our galleries, in our media, and in our organizations. Moving beyond a solely race-based definition of diversity, how do the arts embrace the complexities of our communities, humanize others, and shape a future of just participation? The focus of the evening’s discussion will be determined by the people in the room, with featured speakers TBD.

Friday November 22 – Sunday November 24
Brooklyn Commune Global Congress
The Invisible Dog 51 Bergen St. Brooklyn.

Join us from Friday November 22 – Sunday November 24 for the Brooklyn Commune Global Congress. We are planning a weekend of presentations, performances and discussions, socializing, networking and drinking that you won’t want to miss! We plan to release a working draft of the Brooklyn Commune White Paper that includes all the research we’ve been doing and reports from the past eight months of work. Come, be counted, make your voice heard!


Monday September 30 @ 7PM
The Economic Dilemma
Cloud City
85 N 1st Street, Brooklyn

Ever wondered why people in the performing arts make so little money? Well, it turns out there’s an actual reason for that, and it’s called the Baumol Effect. Come by and learn why economic theory makes it literally impossible for the performing arts to remain competitive with the rest of the economy in today’s marketplace. Written in 1966, Bowen and Baumol’s book, Performing Arts, The Economic Dilemma, generated a stir, giving voice for the first time to the cause of the economic inequality, and warning that it will only worsen in the coming decades. Together we will talk through the past and current arguments for government subsidy and philanthropy, and discuss emerging solutions to short-circuit the economic intransience. Facilitated by Nick Benacerraf, co-artistic director of The Assembly and leader of the Brooklyn Commune’s Labor & Value research team.

Wednesday October 2 @ 7:15PM
Performing New York City
Martin E. Segal Theater Center
The CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

Brecht predicted, “Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.” In consideration of a decade of PRELUDE, former and present PRELUDE curators come together for a lively discussion (led by artist David Levine) about the way things could become. These curators, who also live double and even triple lives as scholars, artists, producers, and administrators, will harness the insights they have gathered over the past decade to debate their visions of contemporary New York theatre and performance in the decade to come.
Geoffrey Jackson Scott, and Helen Shaw.

Monday October 7 @ 6:30pm
OCTOBER REVOLUTION VODKA PARTY (Or, We’re Crashing the Bessies!!)
The Lobby of The Legendary Apollo Theatre
253 West 125th Street

The Brooklyn Commune teams up with the DanceNYC Junior Committee for the annual New York Dance and Performance Awards, or the “Bessies.” Join us for a lobby meetup with some of the younger constituents of #BrooklynCommune & the DanceNYC Jr Comm to hash out (and hash tag) ideas around making it work in our young, restless lives—creatively, financially, and sustainably. This meeting of minds occurs in the context of an important event for the NYC dance community, so consider staying for the awards ceremony at 8pm (tickets start at $10).

Monday October 21 @ 7PM

SPACE ODYSSEY: A beer summit on independent artist-run venues
Venue TBD

Amidst the skyrocketing rents, rapid real estate development, and aggressive rezoning that have defined the last decade in NYC, the artist-run independent venue has been a critical link for the dense community of performing artists who need spaces to develop and present non-traditional work. Join Max Dana, research coordinator for Brooklyn Commune’s Economics & Finance team, and invited guests Jim Findlay and Eric Dyer of The Collapsable Hole,  Noel Allain and Sue Kessler of the Bushwick Starr and more for an informal conversation about current challenges in the DIY landscape, new models for sustainability and growth, and how artists and venues can move beyond simply being shock troops of gentrification and advocate for a more inclusive and balanced approach to community development.

Sunday October 27 @ 7PM

Many Voices, All At Once: Opera, The Chorus & the Aesthetics of Democracy
Experimental Theater @ Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand St., Manhattan

The first of three public programs developed by Culturebot.org as part of Experiments in Opera’s 2013-14 Season & yearlong residency at the Abrons Arts Center, the Opera in Dialogue series will build discourse between the composers, writers, performers, directors & designers working in the hybrid space of experimental opera.

Monday October 28 @ 7PM
A Future Less Spooky: ArtsPool Q & A
Last Exit Bar
136 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Join The Brooklyn Commune to welcome special guest Sarah Maxfield who will give an introduction to ArtsPool, a new project to create a shared back-office online for theater companies in NYC.



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