Global Congress Schedule

FRIDAY 11/22

6PM Registration

6:30PM Jordan Officer Music Performance

7PM Welcome & Keynote

7:30PM Opening Presentations: Announce weekend agenda, introduce census results, distribute working draft of document, introduce team coordinators, structured mingling

10PM Opening Night Party Offsite


10AM Registration

10:30AM MAP Fund Panel Impersonation Game: Six MAP Fund applications will be reviewed by a panel of 10 judges in a socratic circle method.
Participate by submitting a proposal or to be a panelist! Sign up here.


1:30PM The Economic Dilemma Seder, using the Baumol and Bowen Haggadah, edited by Nick Benacerraf

3PM Cultural Representation “The Uncomfortable Conversation.”: Kyoung H. Park and a cadre of diverse artists invite members of the Brooklyn Commune to a safe, constructive conversation about race, gender, and privilege. The audience will participate in a privilege exercise, followed by a long table discussion about community-level solutions that promote transformational representation and cultural democracy in contemporary performing arts.

4:30PM Working Outside The Institution Self-Producer’s Budget Charette: Artists in CATCH and invited others come together to share and compare budgets, budget philosophies and best practices


8PM CATCH – full line-up here.  (SEPARATE TICKET REQUIRED)

SUNDAY 11/24

11AM Ask A Lawyer! Conversation w/Q&A about artists, finance, real estate & more.

12:30PM Collective Design Session – participatory exercise for envisioning a livable city

2PM Closing Circle



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