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Brooklyn Commune Global Congress Event Schedule

Here’s the schedule as it is now. We’ll keep updating as we go & get more info.

FRIDAY 11/22
6PM Registration
6:30PM Jordan Officer Music Performance
7PM Welcome & Keynote  & Opening Presentations
Announce weekend agenda, introduce census results, distribute working draft of document, introduce team coordinators, structured mingling
10PM Opening Night Party Offsite
10AM Registration
10:30AM MAP Fund Panel Impersonation Game
6 MAP Fund applications will be reviewed by a panel of  judges in a socratic circle method.
Open sign-up here.
1:30PM The Economic Dilemma Seder, using the Baumol and Bowen Haggadah, edited by Nick Benacerraf
3PM Cultural Representation “The Uncomfortable Conversation.”
Kyoung H. Park and a cadre of diverse artists invite members of the Brooklyn Commune to a safe, constructive conversation about race, gender, and privilege. The audience will participate in a privilege exercise, followed by a long table discussion about community-level solutions that promote transformational representation and cultural democracy in contemporary performing arts.
4:30PM Working Outside The Institution Self-Producer’s Budget Charette
Artists in CATCH and invited others come together to share and compare budgets, budget philosophies and best practices
SUNDAY 11/24
11AM Ask A Lawyer! Conversation w/Q&A about artists, finance, real estate & more.
12:30PM Collective Design Session – participatory exercise for envisioning a livable city
2PM Closing Circle

We strongly encourage attendance for the entire weekend as ALL OF THE TOPICS are deeply interrelated and to get a real understanding of the ecology and create an informed vision for change, it helps to see how all the pieces fit together.

While all Congress events are free and open to the public (CATCH is ticketed separately) please consider getting a weekend pass for $10 to support the printing of the final document to be published and released in January. Weekend passes are available here.


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Andy Horwitz is a writer and cultural producer

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